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Announcement of Strategic Partnership
South West Ag Partners & Farms.com Risk Management
March 4, 2015
South West Ag Partners Inc. of Chatham and Farms.com Risk Management of London are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic collaboration between their Ontario based businesses, their related principals and products. 
The formal announcement of this partnership is being made on the opening day of the London Farm Show, March 4, 2015. Information about the collaboration will be available during the show at the booths of Farms.com, South West Ag Partners and VERITAS.   (VERITAS is a division of South West Ag Partners.)
Brian Cofell is the Retail Grain Manager for South West Ag Partners and also manages their VeriMARK grain services division. Moe Agostino is the Managing Commodity Strategist for Farms.com Risk Management. Together, they feel that this collaboration strengthens the product and service offerings from each of their companies for the ultimate benefit of the farm customer. To read more click here


*Top % of Future Prices Excluding Basis
2007 Crops 15.1%
Hogs 15.8%
2008 Crops 15.1%
Hogs 22.1%
2009 Crops 18.0%
Hogs H1 N1
2010 Crops 14.05%
Hogs 7.7%

2011 Crops 17.2%
Hogs 1.0%

2012 Crops 12.25%
Hogs 7.25%
*Based on forward booking of 100% of your gaurenteed revenue insured bushel yield
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