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Welcome to Risk Management Inc. we are an agriculture commodity marketing service provider for North American farmers. Risk Management Inc. works with producers as advisors in the marketing/selling of grain and hogs. You can reach us at 1 (877) 438-5729 Ext 5028

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*Top % of Future Prices Excluding Basis
2007 Crops 15.1%
Hogs 15.8%
2008 Crops 15.1%
Hogs 22.1%
2009 Crops 18.0%
Hogs H1 N1
2010 Crops 14.05%
Hogs 7.7%

2011 Crops 17.2%
Hogs 1.0%

2012 Crops 12.25%
Hogs 7.25%
*Based on forward booking of 100% of your gaurenteed revenue insured bushel yield
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