Team Profiles
Maurizio Agostino

Maurizio "Moe" Agostino

Moe has over 30 years of experience in trading markets, commodity risk management and marketing with 13 years with Risk Management. Moe is head of the Risk Management division within and is the Chief Managing Commodity Strategist. His primary areas of expertise include the grain, basis, livestock, feed, energy/diesel and input marketing and purchases. Moe uses e-mail and text marketing programs to assist clients both retail and corporate in protecting themselves from the excesses and volatility in commodity price swings. In 2015, the division provided hands-on marketing advice and consulting to thousands of farmers across North America with a value in excess of over $1 billion. has their own skin in the game with a 2100 corn, soybeans and wheat acre farm in Port Dover, Ontario owned and operated since 2005.

Moe is a sought after speaker who has made numerous presentations to groups across the USA and Canada and is the author of www.http\\ an on-line learning educational video series and Moe’s Market Minute and has performed 4 U.S. crop tours since 2012. His track record speaks for itself.

 Abhinesh Gopal

Abhinesh Gopal

Abhinesh is a seasoned soft commodities specialist with international agribusiness experience in banking, derivatives trading and consulting. He is passionate about working in the farms and food space, has excellent communication and presentation skills, and is very comfortable providing advisory advice to Ag clients. As an analyst with Rabobank, Abhi authored industry outlooks, analytical reports, briefing notes and presentations, which were centered on various Ag and food themes. During his stint as a commodity futures trader in Seoul, he built a proficient track record of identifying and evaluating trading opportunities, risk and strategies, and driving investment decisions.

At Risk Management, Abhi works closely with the Chief Commodity Strategist, and focuses on analyzing and uncovering trends, drawing insights, and producing exclusive content for our Ag clients.