Corporate Farm

Risk Management doesn’t just provide commodity risk management advice without understanding what it means. We are responsible for the Commodity Risk Management for the 1500 +/- acre corporate-owned farm that grows corn, soybeans, and wheat, as well as some experimental crops and wind and solar energy. It’s a working farm requiring the same marketing decisions as your farm. Port Dover Farms enables the Risk Management team to get a first hand look at farm production issues, as well as the costs associated with the issues. Our Port Dover Farms Cost of Production allows the Risk Management team to accurately track the input trends that consistently change the bottom line. Also, operating our own farm means the Risk Management team is aware of limiting other risk variables associated with cash cropping, which gives us insights most of our competitors do not understand.  

The Team

J.R. "Farmer"

J.R. started his farming career working on the family farm. He took agronomy at the University of Saskatchewan and moved to Port Dover shortly after. J.R. started working on Port Dover Farms in 2005 where he is in charge of executing all onsite operations.  

Jeff Dennis "Crop Adviser and Farm Manager"

Jeff started working with Port Dover Farms in 2006 and provides crop advice and general management for Port Dover Farms. Risk Management "Marketing Team" Risk management provides Port Dover Farms with marketing advice to reduce risk due to the volatility in the markets and get the most out of J.R.'s production efforts.

Port Dover Farms

Situated on the north shore of Lake Erie Port Dover Farms was purchased in 2002. Since taking over the farm additions of a small solar farm and 13 wind turbines have been made. Nearby developments have also included an Adult Lifestyle Community and a Championship Links Style Golf Course

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