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Ontario Crop Highlights

According to the Farms.com Risk Management 2016 Ontario Planting Intentions farmer survey conducted from March 1 - March 31, 2016, Ontario farmers were expected to plant 2,730,929 million acres of soybeans, above the average of 2.585 million acres. Corn acres are projected to remain above the 8 year average of 1.997 million acres and increase to 2,085,710 or more acres. For wheat, 913,835 acres are projected to be planted in 2016 in Ontario (including fall 2015 winter wheat and 2016 spring wheat). Stats Canada, had started with higher forecasted acreages for corn and wheat, in Ontario, in its March planting intentions report. But, in the June Acreage update, it dropped corn and wheat acres, and increased soybean acres, bringing those in line with our estimates. The switching to soybeans is justified given the recent rally that we had. Read the full Farms.com Risk Management 2016 Ontario Planting Intentions report.

2016 Ontario Planting Intentions

Number of commodities, including field crops, vegetables and livestock produced in Ontario
Number of farms - covering more than 25.4 mil acres of productive farmland
$11 billion
The agri-food sector is the largest economic engine in Ontario, contributing more than $11 billion to the provincial economy.
Farming: 158,000 jobs & generates $13.7 billion to the province's GDP
Ontario-based processors buy about 65% of the province's food-related production
Nearly 3000 food & beverage processing businesses, many located in rural communities
Number of jobs waiting for every agriculture degree graduate in Ontario
2,049,983 acres
Corn acres in 2016, -0.2% vs. 2015

170.6 bu/acre
Corn yield in 2015, +9.7 bu/acre vs. 2014
2,714,943 acres
Soybean acres in 2016, -6.4% vs. 2015

45.5 bu/acre
Soybean yield in 2015, same as in 2014
1,065,023 acres
Wheat acres in 2016, +33.1% vs. 2015

76 bu/acre 
Wheat yield in 2015, +0.6 bu/acre vs. 2014

Though Ontario received some rainfall in June, it’s been a mixed bag with most parts still significantly lacking moisture and are very dry.

Ontario: Percent of Average Precipitation (Sept 1, 2015 – June 29, 2016)

2016 Ontario Precipitation Map

2016 Ontario Yield Tour

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