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2017 Great Ontario Yield Tour Results

The 2017 Great Ontario Yield Tour, in its 2nd year, covered more ground than last year. We collected a total of 940 samples (corn- 473 & soybeans- 467), as compared to last year’s 891 samples. We toured across the length and breadth of Ontario from August 14 – August 25, 2017. And the results are: 163.2 bushels per acre yield for corn and 45.7 bushels per acre for soybeans, both of which are much better than last year’s respective tour yield projections.

2017 Great Ontario Yield Tour Region Data

The 2017 Ontario crop is a case of two halves. Western Ontario needs late-season rain to finish off a decent-looking crop and Eastern Ontario is in need of dryness and heat to finish the crop there. And nobody wants any frost affecting their fields. County yields (for counties from where at least 8 samples were collected) were variable from one to another.

2017 Great Ontario Yield Tour Region Data

2017 Ontario Yield Tour

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