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Farms.com Media and Publishing – The Farms.com website welcomes thousands of farmers each day and helps them stay informed on the latest agriculture news, expert commentaries, markets, and other farming resources, as well as to search for used farm equipment and classified ads. In addition to Farms.com, the Farms.com Media and Publishing division includes websites such as Agriville.com (online chat) and AgSearch.com (Agriculture Business Directory). It also includes Ontario-based magazine Ag Buyer’s Guide – distributed to over 60,000 rural addresses each month, Better Farming magazine – distributed to 38,000 Ontario farmers, Better Pork – distributed across Canada, and US Farmer magazine – a buyer’s guide distributed in the US mid-west.


Alltech Crop Science is a division of Alltech, a privately-held animal health and nutrition company. For nearly 25 years, Alltech Crop Science has been a global leader in the application of microbial fermentation and nutrigenomic research to enhance yields, reduce stress and improve health in crops. These natural, proven solutions promote sustainability, profitability and value creation throughout the food chain.


Nachurs Alpine Solutions are pioneers in the development of seed safe liquid phosphate starter fertilizers that kick start strong early root growth and maximize crop yields. With continuous product innovations in potassium delivery and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria; an ever increasing number of farmers in every state and province rely on our in-furrow starters, foliar nutrition, micronutrients and fertigation products. For ALPINE branded products contact Reiny Packull at 519-589-7749.

Bushels Plus

The truth is farmers have been checking for harvest loss since the first combine was invented. What’s different today is how the Bushel Plus system - made in Canada - has revolutionized the process. At Bushel Plus, we know that harvest is go-time with no time to waste and our system lets you work safer and saves you time so you put more grain in the bin and spread less of it on the field. We have now added our new App to the integrated system, in which the user can calculate their harvest loss in a matter of seconds. But also, can enter and save combine settings and crop details for future reference. This way you can learn more about the machine in different conditions and go back to these learnings in the heat of harvest. We are also proud that we could link our App to the Combine Optimization Tool from the Canola Council of Canada and PAMI. This is an electronic Q&A flow chart which guides the user through troubleshooting and combine optimization tips. All this value to increase your bottom line is the reason why our all-in-one system is a must on any modern farm.

More grain in your bin and less in the field!

For more Information, please visit us at BushelPlus.ca and on social media.
Made in Canada


As the country's largest outdoor agricultural trade show, Canada's Outdoor Farm Show has many unique offerings, all geared to showcasing new technologies and innovations in an outdoor setting, complementing the lifestyle farmers have chosen.

Climate FieldView

Climate FieldView™ is an integrated science-driven digital platform that allows you to easily aggregate your field data in one easy to use software application, to make more informed decisions for your operations. With today’s farming practices, most operations on the farm are already creating a lot of data. The biggest challenge we hear from farmers is that they’re collecting lots of data from their equipment monitors but have challenges getting all of it into one place and making it work for them. Climate FieldView is a solution to this problem:

  • Climate FieldView makes it easy to get your equipment data into the platform in real-time, regardless of the colour of your machinery.
  • In addition to this, other available features, including: weather, satellite imagery, drone imagery, and soil test data uploads help farmers see the bigger picture.
  • One of the bests part is that it's all available at the touch of a finger on your mobile devices - you can take your satellite images with you to scout fields, or take your yield data to your local retail to make input decisions for next year.
For more information, please visit www.climatefieldview.ca or follow the company on Twitter @climatecorp and @fieldviewcanada.

Dreams Come True Travel

Dreams Come True Travel is a full service travel agency that specializes in personalized customized trips for the world traveler who wants the perfect vacation of their life to always remember. Destination Romantic getaways are planned and executed with precision for your perfect day. Luxurious vacations where all you need to do is pack. Finally agricultural tours custom-made for the farmer at heart. Our tagline says it all. It's the moment that takes your breath away. “Pictures of the grand canyon do not do justice, as the first moment you are filled with is awe or watching the puffins put on a show. Watching the sunset from a cruise ship while leaving Kauai or taking the train through the Canadian Rockies. Seeing a piece of the glacier break off from your balcony in Glacier Bay.” These are all the Travel Experiences we would love to plan for you.


GPS Ontario

GPS Ontario is a One Stop Shop for Advanced Precision Ag. Products, dedicated to promoting BMP (Better Management Practices) to all farmer looking for that prosperous solution, Enhancing the BMP with top quality and compatible products, that produce the highest valued returns on your farming operation.

GreenField Global

Greenfield is the leading specialty alcohols producer in Canada, with a focus on corn-based bulk industrial alcohol, packaged alcohol and fuel ethanol, as well as associated agricultural co-products. The Company has a leading market share of industrial alcohol and is also the largest ethanol producer in Canada, with an export business in grain neutral spirits. The Company also manufactures and sells co-products of the alcohol production process, including Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS), Wet Distillers Grains (WDG), corn oil, and carbon dioxide (CO2). The Company has a diversified product offering, generating 45% of its gross profit from bulk industrial alcohol, 35% from fuel ethanol, and 20% from packaged industrial alcohol.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the Company owns and operates four state of the art manufacturing plants in Canada – all strategically located close to both corn supply and end-user markets. As well, the Company owns and operates three alcohol packaging plants, one in Canada and two in the US. The Company has a focused strategy to successfully and profitably operate its production facilities. In doing so, Greenfield focuses on managing commodity risks and strives to maintain an environment of continuous operational improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness as a low-cost producer.

The Company’s production facilities produce a combined 655 mlpy, of which 151 mlpy is industrial and beverage grade alcohol and the balance is fuel grade ethanol. Further, Greenfield’s plants are designed and constructed with significant redundancy and our quality assurance programs are designed to meet or exceed our customers’ stringent quality requirements.

Jaquemet Farms

Jaquemet Farms is a local family farm with Cash Crop and elevator facilities and runs in partnership with Sollio taking wheat soybeans & corn. Contact John Jaquemet for more information: jlkj@xplornet.com | 613-880-0754


MAIZEX SEEDS is a Canadian owned and operated independent seed company delivering high performance genetics and seed based technologies to corn and soybean producers across Canada. Progressively Forward, our business model is based on innovation in research, commercialization and production to meet the needs of our customers both today and into the future. Sign up today to receive Agronomy News featuring Maizex Agronomy Lead, Greg Stewart, and the Maizex agronomy team.

Valent Nufarm

Since 2007 Canadian farmers and growers have had a new partner in their efforts to control their toughest pests and to maximize crop yield: Valent Canada Crop and Professional Products. Valent Canada works in tandem with Valent U.S.A.LLC and other North American affiliates of parent company, Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, to introduce a pipeline of products that have proven success against. In addition, we are working to develop new products, tank mixes and formulations that help address specific needs important to Canadian farmers.

Precision Planting

Precision Planting is a leading innovator in planting equipment and technology, including its SpeedTube high-speed precision planting system, vSet Select and mSet multi-hybrid metering systems, DeltaForce automated downforce management system, and vApply HD liquid application control system. Precision Planting is a subsidiary of AGCO, and is headquartered in Tremont, Illinois.

Redmond Agronomic Services



Terranova UAV is a Canadian, Precision Agriculture Drone Services company with Operations in North and South America. Our mission is to help growers optimize crops by using state-of-the-art technology. We offer spraying, surveying, multi-spectral imagery and custom-made drone sales.

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