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Moe Agostino & Greg Stewart, Maizex Agronomy Expert, met with local farmers and industry experts along the 2020 Great Ontario Yield Tour. It is a privilege to speak with these individuals as we learn more about the 2020 Ontario corn and soybean crop conditions.

Greg Stewart, Maizex Seeds
Why counting corn ears is important

Ralph Kuebler, Kuebler Farms
Using the right genetics, residue management, and why Y-drop

Shawn Livingston, Precision Planting
Soybean Research Plot in Listowel, ON. Soybeans untreated and treated with Conceal.

Shawn Livingston, Precision Planting
Testing Conceal on soybeans and corn at Devolder Farms in Dover Centre, ON

JR Lennox - Port Dover, ON
Testimonial on the Bushel Plus System

Marty Derks, Derks Elevator, Chesterville, ON
Soil Warrior - Testimonial - Why purchase a Soil Warrior Tillage Machine?

Morley Wallace, GPS Ontario
Why purchase a Pluribus V Strip Till Unit by Dawn Equipment?

2020 ON Yield Tour

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