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The 5th Annual 2020 Great Ontario Yield Tour was held from August 17th to 28th, 2020. The tour is projecting the 2020 final corn yield to be 183.3 bpa +/-1% (with a range 181.46 – 185.13) almost a new record high and the soybean yield was projected to be a NEW RECORD HIGH at 53.2 bpa +/- 2% (with a range of 52.13 – 54.26) to take into account how the crops would will finish and to account for test weight. Both are down much higher than last years late planted and less mature crops.

Tour experts Moe Agostino and Greg Stewart were pleasantly surprised as to how clean the crops were with lots of pods in soybeans and disappointed with corn plant stands as the cold wet spring did more damage to corn than soybeans. Soybeans were the most consistent crop and what stood out this year was the fact the eastern Ontario was too dry for too long for the months of June and July but late July/August rains saved the crops so it's not a disaster but is a smaller crop that is dragging on the provincial average in 2020.

2020 Great Ontario Yield Tour Region Data

At 2.2 million corn acres, there will be plenty of bushels in the province to meet demand, and the province we will a net exporter of corn. There will also be plenty of soybean bushels to go around with acres at 3 million and a record soybean yield. This could weigh on Ontario basis as we move into 2021 and pressure basis during the 2020 harvest.

The highest county corn yield was measured in Chatham-Kent at 203 bu/acre and the highest soybean county yield was measured in Ottawa-Carleton at 66 bpa!

2020 Great Ontario Yield Tour County Data

2020 ON Yield Tour

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