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Farmer Videos

We are happy to have the privilege to meet with some amazing people on our journey across the mid west. Meeting with farmers along the way is the best way to understand what is really going on in that area. Videos in this section will be updated every 2-3 days throughout the tour, there will be approximately 1 interview per day.

Phil Ramsey - Manilla, Indiana

Joe Mills Aka @TheHippieFarmer - Waynetown, Indiana

Brian Bradshaw - Griggsville, Illinois

Ed Thompson - Roseville, Illinois

Dean Ruebush - Macomb, Illinois

Kurtis Gregory- Marshall, Missouri

Chuck Weldon - Davies County, Missouri

JC Hester - Marshall, Missouri

Litch Family - Melvern, Kansas

Richard Travers - Hartington, Nebraska

Russell Buchanan - Irene, South Dakota

Darren Hefty - Valtic, South Dakota

Josh Anderson - Rugby, North Dakota

Mark Rohrich - Ashley, North Dakota

Kevin Vetter - St. Peter, Minnesota

Duane Bissonette - Mapleton, Minnesota

Nathan Legler - Humboldt County, Iowa

2015 US Corn Belt Tour
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