2020 US Corn Belt Crop Tour

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2020 Summary of the State of Illinois

Day 3, 17-18: June 29 & July 12-13, 2020
9th Annual US Corn Belt Crop Tour Summary of the State of Illinois

The 2020 9th Annual U.S. Corn Belt Crop tour route in the state of Illinois on Day 3, 17 and 18 June 29th, July 12th and 13th, 2020. Day 1 June 29th was hot with a heat index of 100 and it’s the earliest heat we have experienced in 9 years even hotter than 2012 which was much drier. Day 2 July 12 and Day 3 July 13th were more seasonal with temps in the mid to upper 80’s. We travelled from Evansville, IN north to Decatur before heading back south into MO on day 1. On Day 2 July 12th we travelled south from WI to Roseville back east to Galesburg, IL. On day 3 July 13th we travelled from North east to Chana north to Pontiac before heading east into Indiana towards Lafayette. It was very spotty and variable in the state but despite early planting challenges and replanting the state has recovered and looking strong from the continued cluster of rainstorms with plenty of wind and hail damage.

illinois precipitation map

illinois drought map

Thank You to Conner Sible, PHD student with Dr. Fred Below team University of IL for his hospitability. According to Conner “A high input corn system can yield as much as 40-50 bpa more than a standard program.” Thank you also to Jeff Brown the state record holder for 350 bpa corn for his valuable time in Boody, IL. Jeff says, “Y dropping can reduce your input costs and you need to pay attention to details for a high yielding corn system.” Many thanks to Jason Webster from the PTI (Precision Planting Institute in Pontiac, IL for spending some time with us. Jason says “drainage, tiling and recycled water are keys to managing water on the farm and to higher crop yields.” He goes on to say that conceal that is banding fertilizer more efficiently and where it is needed the latest product from Precision planting in full production in 2020 which sold out in February is seeing an ROI of $60 more per acre.” And finally thank you to Dan Luepkes from Extreme Ag Farming and Corn Warriors TV show for his generous time in Oregon, IL. Dan says, “pay attention to other nutrients its not all about nitrogen in a high input corn system.”

When comparing 2019 to 2020 in state of Illinois, 2019 had more moisture and crops were further ahead with more ears and silks but more abandoned acres. 2020 had more heat and high nighttime temps may have done some damage to the crops. Both the early cold snap in April & May and the early heat in June may have provided too many bad days for both the corn and soybean crops. 2020 corn acres are up 3.8% while soybean acres are up 4.5% vs. 2019. The state has plenty of topsoil and subsoil moisture at 82% and 84% respectively as of July 20, 2020.

In 2019 the corn yield was 166 in the state and 47 for soybeans. The record high was in 2016 at 178 bpa for corn and 55 for soybeans. We rank the state an 8.5 out of 10 with above average yield potential (record corn 210 and 65 soybeans 2018).

summary of illinois tour

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About Illinois
Number of farms
378 acres
Average size of an Illinois farm
27,000,000 acres
Land in Illinois farms
Miles a train of box cars stretches, when filled with Illinois' yearly corn output (from Illinois to Hong Kong)
Illinois leads the US in the production of pumpkins and horseradish
Number of people each Illinois farmer feeds
11,300,000 acres
Corn acres intended in 2020, +8% vs 2019

181 bu/acre
Corn yield in 2019, -29.0 bu/acre vs. 2018
10,500,000 acres
Soybean acres intended in 2020, +6% vs 2019

54 bu/acre
Soybean yield in 2019, -11.0 bu/acre vs. 2018
570,000 acres
Wheat acres intended in 2020, -12% vs 2019

67 bu/acre 
Wheat yield in 2019, +1.0 bu/acre vs. 2018


Year to Date Departure from Normal Precipitation (Inches), Valid on: July 15, 2020

Year to date Precipitation map - Illinois

2020 US Corn Belt Tour
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