2020 US Corn Belt Crop Tour

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2019 US Corn Belt Crop Tour - Indiana Photo Gallery
About Indiana
Number of farms
266 acres
Average size of an Indiana farm
14,900,000 acres
Land in Indiana farms
Indiana’s rank in peppermint production
Indiana’s rank in the production of both regular and fat free ice cream
Indiana produces more ducks than any other state in the US
Indiana ranked in the US for producing popcorn
5,800,000 acres
Corn acres intended in 2020, +16% from 2019

169 bu/acre
Corn yield in 2019, -20.0 bu/acre vs. 2018
5,400,000 acres
Soybean acres intended in 2020, unchanged vs. 2019

51.0 bu/acre
Soybean yield in 2019, -7.5 bu/acre vs. 2018
340,000 acres
Wheat acres intended in 2020, +3% vs 2019

62 bu/acre 
Wheat yield in 2019, -9.0 bu/acre vs. 2018


Year to Date Departure from Normal Precipitation (Inches), Valid on: July 3, 2020

Year to date Precipitation map - Indiana

2020 US Corn Belt Tour