2020 US Corn Belt Crop Tour

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2020 Summary of the State of Kansas

Day 5: July 2, 2020

9th Annual US Corn Belt Crop Tour Summary of the State of Kansas

The 2020 9th Annual U.S. Corn Belt Crop tour route in the state of Kansas started in Kansas City South to Melvern, north to Manhattan, west to Simpson and finally north to Smith Center before heading into Nebraska. It was 85F, cloudy and rainy on day 5 July 2, 2020. The planting season started cold and wet but than it turned dry for 3 weeks during June, but timely rains arrived before the July heat. Many farmers were provided a window around mid-May to plant. Kansas is a hit and miss with pineapple corn, yellow soybeans and cracks in soils.

USDA rates Kansas corn conditions good-excellent 52% down 1% vs. 2019 while poor-very poor is 25% up from 11% in 2019. Soybean crop conditions are better with good-excellent at 57% vs. 19 at 46% while poor-very poor at 8% vs. 2019 at 10%. Shorter soybeans are exhibiting less moisture stress compared to corn. Rating the state, 6 out of 10 as the state needs more timely rains thru Jul/Aug and a good finish to beat the 2014 record corn yield at 149 bpa and the 2016 soybean record yield at 48. 90+ degrees (daytime) and 70 degrees F (nighttime) temps are not ideal corn growing weather.

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2020 US Corn Belt Crop Tour - Kansas Photo Gallery
About Kansas
Number of farms
781 acres
Average size of a Kansas farm
45,700,000 acres
Land in Kansas farms
Average age of Kansas farmer
Kansas’ US rank in sorghum grain production
6,300,000 acres
Corn acres intended in 2020, -2% vs 2019

133 bu/acre
Corn yield in 2019, +4.0 bu/acre vs. 2018
5,000,000 acres
Soybean acres intended in 2020, +10% vs. 2019

41.5 bu/acre
Soybean yield in 2019, -2.0 bu/acre vs. 2018
6,800,000 acres
Wheat acres intended in 2020, -1% vs. 2019

52 bu/acre 
Wheat yield in 2019, +14.0 bu/acre vs. 2018


Year to Date Departure from Normal Precipitation (Inches), Valid on: July 15, 2020

Year to date Precipitation map - Kansas

2020 US Corn Belt Tour
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