2020 US Corn Belt Crop Tour

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2020 Summary of the State of Michigan

Day 20-21: July 15-16, 2020
9th Annual US Corn Belt Crop Tour Summary of the State of Michigan

The 2020 9th Annual U.S. Corn Belt Crop tour route in the state of Michigan on Day 20 and 21 July 15 and 16, 2020. Day 1 was 90F while day 2 84F with a soaking all day rain. We travelled north to Allegan than Grand Rapids before heading north east above Flint to Port Huron. Very spotty & variable further north & east crops were more consistent and much less abandoned acres than in 2019.

When comparing the 2020 crop tour to 2019 had more moisture and drowned out fields and abandoned acres while 20 had more heat. Accumulated precip in July has helped the crops. Did you know that Allegan county MI last year had the most clouds in all the U.S. Midwest?

michigan precipitation map

michigan accumulated precipitation map

Many thanks to Jake, John and Ryan Drozd from Allegan, Michigan for their hospitality other top high yielding producers across the U.S. for the top prize being crowned the “Corn King.” Jake says “using Genesis Ag products has worked for them but you need to know when and how much to apply. He does a tissue sample every other week on Mondays and water and sunlight rank top 2 when it comes to achieving higher yields.

2020 corn acres are up 15% while soybean acres are up 20% vs. 2019. Corn production in the state ranks 14th while soybeans 15th so it will be tough for the state to contribute to a higher U.S. national yield. The top and subsoil moisture are below average at 44% and 50% vs. 2019 at 49% and 66% for this time of the year. The record high for corn yields was in 2015 at 162 bpa while the record in soybeans was 2016 at 50.5 bpa. We rank the state an 7.5 out of 10 with average to above average yield potential.

michigan summary

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About Michigan
Number of farms
209 acres
Average size of a Michigan farm
9,800,000 acres
Land in Michigan farms
Average age of a Michigan Farmer
Percentage of US farms individually or family-owned
Michigan’s ranking for the state that produces the most low-fat ice cream mix and grows the most cucumbers for pickles, blueberries and tart cherries.
Michigan’s ranking for the state with the most diverse agriculture industry in the US
Number of agricultural commodities produced in Michigan
2,500,000 acres
Corn acres intended in 2020, +25% vs. 2019

147 bu/acre
Corn yield in 2019, -6.0 bu/acre vs. 2018
2,200,000 acres
Soybean acres intended in 2020, +25% vs. 2019

40.5 bu/acre
Soybean yield in 2019, -7.5 bu/acre vs. 2018
520,000 acres
Wheat acres intended in 2020, -4% vs. 2019

71 bu/acre 
Wheat yield in 2019, -5.0 bu/acre vs. 2018


Year to Date Departure from Normal Precipitation (Inches), Valid on: July 15, 2020

Year to date Precipitation map - Michigan

2020 US Corn Belt Tour
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