Marketing Programs

Want to increase farm profitability? 

A Risk Management Commodity subscription can provide you with the information you need.

A Risk Management Marketing Program Subscription is more than just a daily newsletter delivered to your email inbox each evening, it provides you with commodity market advice from a team of commodity marketing experts.  The team spends each day, scouring information from around the globe that could impact commodity prices in the future.  As a farmer, you don't have time to research soybean futures, corn futures, cattle futures, etc. every day.  The Risk Management team does that for you, and sends you a daily synopsis of the things you need to know. 

A Risk Management Marketing Program Subscription also includes:

  • The Daily Commodity Market Bottom-line report emailed to you each day to keep you informed
  • Weekly summary video by our Marketing Man Moe Agostino
  • Proprietary in-house Change in Trend Price Alerts, Price Targets & Outlooks and Timely Marketing Recommendations
  • Grain, Hog, and Basis Marketing Recommendations
  • Grain, Livestock, Currency & Diesel/Crude Oil Targets & Price Outlooks including a Global Macro Outlook
  • Full access to our monthly webinar sessions scheduled immediately following USDA reports which have significant impact on commodity prices. The Risk Management WASDE webinar demystifies the monthly WASDE estimates by recommending action items to improve farm profitability and includes a question and answer period with Commodity Marketing expert Moe Agostino.
  • Online access to Risk Management information and tools through the website's password protected subscriber’s only area. Risk Management Subscriptions Options & Enhancements

 Subscription + Premium Markets App program

This subscription is perfect for the producer who closely follows the ups and downs of commodity markets so that they can make up-to-the minute decisions related to their commodity.  In addition to the subscription listed above, this subscription also includes members-only access to the Premium version of the Markets App.  For more information about a Risk Management Subscription, please contact us at 877-438-5729 ext 5040.

Grains or Livestock Subscription
The Risk Management Team specializes in commodity marketing for corn, canola, soybeans and wheat, as well as hog and cattle meat prices. Your subscription can be for grains or livestock (hog or cattle) or both – it’s up to you.  Review your grain marketing subscription options online, please contact us at 877-438-5729 ext 5040.

Corporate Marketing Programs

If you are an organization looking to provide value-added services to your key cash crop and livestock clients, Risk Management can tailor a program to meet your specific needs. 

Our customized program can give your customers access to a convenient and easy to understand online marketing program platform and electronic newsletters with unique content on commodity marketing for crops and hogs.

And, of course, helping your customers increase their profitability and cash flow while creating a positive view for your corporation – it will also differentiate you from your competition.

The program can include all of the Risk Management Subscription benefits (including a brought to you by…” brand reminder), as well as two exclusive in-person grower presentations at your meetings/events, presented by Commodity Marketing Strategist Moe Agostino. A number of sponsor specific services can also be offered.

For more information about the Risk Management Corporate Marketing Subscription Program can be provided to your key clients and customized to your specific needs, please contact us at 877-438-5729 ext 5040.

Marketing Programs

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