2019 Farms.com Risk Management Ontario Planting Intentions Report


2019 5th Annual Farms.com Risk Management
Ontario Planting Intentions Survey

Would you like to have a sneak preview of what Ontario Farmers will plant in 2019? Farmers from across Ontario are invited to complete our quick and easy Farms.com Risk Management Annual Ontario Planting Intentions Survey.

2018 will be remembered as the year of record yields and more bushels for Ontario farmers despite some higher than expected VOM (DON) levels in South Western Ontario. The above average trend in yields thanks to better genetics, farm management and technology will continue unless Mother Nature has a say. Agricorp is reporting a new record high in both corn and soybean yields. 95% of customers reported final 2018 soybean yields, representing 91% of the acres, at a new record high of 53 bpa with a 10-year average for those growers at 45.5 bu/ac. 75% of growers have reported final 2018 corn yields, representing 64% of the acres, at 181 bu/ac with a 10-year average of 170 bu/ac.

Farmers are creatures of habit and rotation will play a big role in 2019, but farmers will stay away from those corn hybrids or varieties that are more susceptible to DON as the trend seems to suggest that it’s here to stay every other year. More farmers are diving into organic farming and looking to cut costs where they can in 2019. A lower CDN $ in 2019 will once again provide Ontario farmers with profitable prices to sell into seasonally when futures tend to rise in the spring and early summer.

Take the Farms.com Risk Management 2019 Ontario Planting Intentions Survey and get more insight into what Ontario farmers intend to plant and what impact it may have on supply and ultimately basis. Everyone who participates in the survey will also get a copy of the 2019 Farms.com Risk Management Planting Intentions Final Report scheduled to be released at the end of March 2019.

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