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Quarterly Grain Stocks Report

This report is issued four times yearly, the full report contains stocks of all wheat, durum wheat, corn, sorghum, oats, barley, soybeans, flaxseed, canola, rapeseed, rye, sunflower, safflower, mustard seed, by States and U.S. and by position (on-farm or off-farm storage); includes number and capacity of off-farm storage facilities and capacity of on-farm storage facilities. To see the full text version of the report visit http://usda.mannlib.cornell.edu/MannUsda/viewDocumentInfo.do?documentID=1079

2022 September 1st Quarterly Grain Stocks Report
(in Billion Bushels)
(Bil Bu)
USDA Sept 1, 2022 Stocks 21/22 Ending Stocks - Sept WASDE Sept 1, 2022 Trade Range USDA Sept 1, 2021 Stocks
 Corn 1.512 1.525 1.42 - 1.633 1.24
 Soybeans 0.242 0.240 0.215 - 0.264 0.26
All Wheat 1.78 N/A 1.663 - 1.844 1.774
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