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Grain Marketing Program

Grain markets continue to have a lot of volatility in price.  If you are a cash crop farmer, following corn futures, soybean futures, wheat futures and canola futures can be confusing and intimidating. The decisions made today on how to market crops in the next year will significantly impact a producer’s financial performance. Producing more crops does not naturally equate to more profits, better marketing does!

The Farms.com Risk Management Team will help you interpret the information, so that you can make informed decisions.  Not every farmer can be getting the 100th percentile of prices, but with Farms.com Risk Management's advice and recommendations, the team's goal is to ensure subscribers avoid falling into the bottom 75th percentile -- which many farmers do.

The Farms.com Risk Management Grain Marketing Program includes the following:

  • Daily Commodity Market Bottom Line Report emailed to you each day to keep you informed about how events around the globe and impact the price of your cash crop
  • Our in-house bottom line summaries designed to cut through the noise -- you can just read these few lines to know whether or not immediate action is required
  • Timely grain marketing and basis recommendations
  • Grain Price Targets
  • Monthly Live online WASDE interpretation webinars where you can ask an expert
  • Members-only access to % sold tracker, average futures prices and more
  • Quotes, Charts, Data, Statistics and much, much more

Our Marketing Program was designed with the producer in mind to:

  • Save You Time
  • Make You More Money
  • Make a complex and intimidating subject like commodity risk management easier to understand and therefore easier to take appropriate action
  • Stay one step ahead of the game called “marketing”
  • The Farms.com team has a combined 50 years of experience in production, risk management, trading and marketing to help you manage your risk, volatility and create a marketing game plan that fits your individual needs.

Farms.com owns a 2000 acres corporate farm -- so the Farms.com Risk Management team understands the risks and concerns farmers have regarding commodity pricing.


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