Futures Markets Symbols

Commodity Symbols are made up of 3 different parts: commodity symbol, month code, and year code. For example, ZCZ18 is the symbol used for Corn (Dec '18).

Month Codes

F - January G - February H - March J - April
K - May M - June N - July Q - August
U - September V - October X - November Z - December


Major Commodities

Symbol Commodity Months Traded
RS Canola F,H,K,N,Z
ZC Corn H,K,N,U,Z
ZO Oats H,K,N,U,Z
ZR Rough Rice F,H,K,N,U,X
ZM Soybean Meal F,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z
ZL Soybean Oil F,H,K,N,Q,U,V,Z
ZS Soybeans F,H,K,N,Q,U,X
ZW Wheat - Chicago Soft Red Winter H,K,N,U,Z
KE Wheat - Kansas Hard Red Winter H,K,N,U,Z
MW Wheat - Minneapolis Hard Red Spring H,K,N,U,Z
CT Cotton #2 H,K,N,V,Z
SB Sugar #11 H,K,N,V
CL Crude Oil All
NG Natural Gas All
EH Ethanol Futures All
HO Heating Oil All
LE Live Cattle G,J,M,Q,V,Z
GF Feeder Cattle F,H,J,K,Q,U,V,X
HE Lean Hogs G,J,K,M,N,Q,V,Z
6L Brazilian Real F,G,H,J,X,Z
6C Canadian Dollar F,G,H,M,U,X,Z
6E Euro F,G,H,M,U,X,Z
DX US Dollar H,M,U,Z
GC Gold G,J,M,Q,V,Z
YM Mini Dow Futures H,M,U,Z
ES E-mini S&P 500 H,M,U,Z


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